Anyone made a stock price monitor?

I mess around a little in the stock market. I have a cobra board with 4.3" lcd. I though to myself it would be neat if i could have it monitor a stock price and when its >= a given price or < a price. it would sound the on board buzzer if these conditions matched.
Then i thought why stop there, why not also display the daily graph as well.
I would like to have this sitting on the desk rather than have a background program running on my PC.

That’s actually what I did at my last company.

Where are you planning to get the feed from? A lot of new fees came into effect 09/10 that make companies pay for supplying quotes with anything greater than a 24hr delay.

Not all to sure. I guess google finance (if possible) or any place with 15 minute updates is fine.
I got this little app on my cell phone that does it every minute, but have no idea where its getting its info from.

Unless you’re paying for your feed, you’re getting old data. It’s just the way it is. Your other option is a $10k Bloomberg feed.

Bloomberg feeds do come with neat little hardware auth devices, though.

its ok for me to be 15minutes behind. Thats what google finance is.

Guess i should have googled first, but i found this link. Its amazingly simple to do.