Anyone known how a 14 year old can make money?

Hey Guys,
Well I am 14 and I am trying to get the fez spider kit but it is 250$. Does anyone have an idea of how I can make money?

Do guys your age still do paper routes, or mow lawns?

Some forum members are lucky enough to get paid to do this kind of stuff for a living. I would be happy just to make some gadgets for sale to pay for the hobby.

I would suggest starting with a cheaper board. If you’re specifically looking to get in Gadgeteer land, the Cerberus kit plus a couple other modules would be a good start. By the time you get $70 together, the software will be more complete.

To give you some motivation, I’ve seen several high school age guys make some kind of cool little gadget for sale and do quite well with it. Most have been in the Arduino camp, but considering how big that market has become in a few short years, there is a huge amount of opportunity to make some coin.

Do you have a lawn mower? Summer is quickly upon us :wink:

Well actaly have the fez panda 1. When I bought it I bought other usless because I didn’t know what I was doing. I am trying to make money of a website (putting ads) but I have no visitors. Yes I do have a lawn mover but the are already to many kids in my neightborhood doing that. :smiley:

I was sad to see the Panda1 disappear from the store. They were very low cost at their end of life sale. I’ve got several, and have only managed to bust up one, after a “didn’t know what I was doing” soldering hack fiasco. The rest are going strong.

I’m glad we have a new inexpensive board option again.

Do not be sad, FEZ Cerb40 is not on sale and it is under $25.

We got your back my friend :slight_smile: Just like you said.

Well the Cerb40 wont cut it because I am still beginning and exprerimenting alot. Can the FEZ Cerberus do graphics like the FEZ Spider?

I got a job bagging groceries when I was 15… saved up enough to buy a (not so great) car by 16.

As I am good in math maybye I should try tutoring?

The OLED module will work — just not touchscreen.

I would rather get the FEZ Spider.

So would I, but this thread about money.

Since you’re good at math, you’ll appreciate this: 4x = $120. How much does the Cerberus, aka x, cost? :smiley:

Therefore each Cerberus is 30$

@ mhectorgato
Nice try. That was easy :slight_smile:

What do you think the $120 represents in the above equation? :wink:

The alternative for the $120 part would be a $80 mainboard. The Hydra is 2.6666666 more than the new Gadgeteer board, as opposed to the 4 times for the Spider.

Of course the Hydra and Spider boards have capabilities that the Cerberus doesn’t.

You could always start (and learn) with the Cerberus and then swap it out for the Spider later on, once you become gainfully employed :smiley:

Yep I could. Is that just a statment or should I solve it?

@ noob123 - What’s your website? If you have programming or design skills you think you can sell then you might want to try applying for some contract work at some place like At 14 years old, you should be able to get by and compete at India rates. Be sure and mention in your proposals that you’re a student trying to pay for an education. Don’t mention your age :wink:

My website is

Looks like a good start. Keep it up. The key to getting traffic is to be constantly be adding new innovative info that people can’t get anywhere else. Don’t use my site as an example. I have too many things I prefer to do than writing… :frowning:

Go to go sleep (its about 10:45 pm for me). :slight_smile: