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Anyone know where I can get a SMPS kit?


Anyone know where I can get a small SMPS kit?

I need something to power the electronics on RWAR, but it also needs to be somewhat professional (shrink wrap and a warranty would be nice…). I have been looking at RC BECs, but I may rethink that as I am seeing a lot of people report problems with the BEC I wanted to use.

My other option is to make my own or buy one. I don’t really want to have something messy done on a protoboard, and I don’t really want to make my own PCB and have it custom made, so that leaves the option of buying something premade.

Input voltage will be 8.4Vdc, output should be variable between 5 and 9V. It should be able to supply at least 2 amps.


You second guessing yourself already?

BTW - I’ve got readings on both the 9DOF and 6343 and beats the heck outta me which one is more accurate. I can’t get them to agree with each other at all. I need to bring them upstairs at some point and try it up there - see if maybe its some interference down here.

On IM again…


I think what you’ll want to look for is something like this:

You can also get encapsulated modules like this

It will take some digging to find one to meet your specs and that you can buy in single quantities.


Intresting Chris. How did you learn abotu SMPS’?


@ Kurt: SMPS == switch mode power supply.

@ Greg, well, yeah, I heard a few reports of that Castle BEC failing and damaging everything attached to it. If that were to happen to mine, the robot could go out of control at 20MPH.

@ Jeff, thanks, those are pretty close. I’d like to also have a 9V output setting too, but I guess that is better than nothing. That’s why that Castle Creations BEC was so enticing. You could set it to any voltage between 4.8 and 9V.


Well then; I just learned something new.


…Because knowing is half the battle :smiley: