Anyone know a source of cerb40-ii's (or have any they want to sell)?

I’m looked for some cerb40-ii 's as my reserves are running very low.
I’ve had a look around online with no luck…

so, anyone know of anywhere which may still have stock?
Or, anyone have any floating around they wouldn’t mind parting with?


How many do you need?

I believe GHI will make them for you, given a large enough order?

Sorry, I thought you meant Cerberus… I have those but no cerb40’s.

Hi Mike,
Must admit I was only after a hand full…
Was hoping someone might have some kicking around in a draw :slight_smile:

I have three you can have. I’d be pleased for them to go to a good they’re yours if you want them

Hi there,
Oh that’s great! What would you like them for them? :slight_smile:
I’m in Australia, so not sure what the postage would be from where you are… where are you btw? (Happy to paypal you)

in that case, I may have a couple as well (I’m in Sydney)

I’m in the UK but I believe there is a good postal service between us.

Email me your postal address details and I’ll get them off to you. No charge. I work on the basis of what goes around comes around.