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Anyone interested in TinyCLR on Nucleo-144pin for F767/F746?


I can enable also this kind of boards for TinyCLR, but if there’s some interest out there…

Nucleo-144pin for STM32F767 use same chip used in UCM5550. Nucleo has no SDRAM and no QSPI Flash, no display anyway, although it is a very cheap board.


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I am interested!


me, too :slight_smile:


There is some interest out there as well :wink:


It’s on github

Note: I need to better setup pins for various peripherals. Next update I will include it for all the internal peripheral, i2c, spi, pwm and so on.


On Github there are updated files for nucleo-f767.


what about the mikromedia for stmf4/7 ?


MMB for F7 is on GitHub. MMB for F4 is under development … few days and I’ll update.