Anyone got a surface pro?

And if so have you tried running the follwing?

VS2010 + ntmf sdk inc gadgeteer
Eagle 6

@ HughB - You want to code/design for NETMF in bed?

I have the Samsung equivalent and it works a treat with said tools…
And no the missus wont let me use it in bed :smiley:

I think my missus would castrate me if i tried. I spend a fair amount of time traveling on business. Economy seats tend not to have enough space to open anything bigger than a 10" netbook

I’m 1.97m tall, and I spent a lot of time in a Economy seat with a 15" Laptop on my lap. I know what you talking about :wink:

I don’t think I would recommend Gadgeteering on a plane either :wink:

haahah good point, however writing drivers and pootling about with project code would be ok… it would be sooo much easier with a gadgeteer mainboard emulator… if one existed. :wink:

@ andre.m - bit hard on Ryan air :smiley: