Anyone done Modbus with TinyCLR?

There used to be a library for Modbus for NETMF 4.3 that kind of worked with UART but was more reliable with TCP. The issue with the UART was the turn around delay in being able to handle more than 1 Modbus device on the same bus. With 2 or more, it sort of fell over as it could not handle replies from other slaves.

I need to prototype a project with Modbus with up to 28 sensors so I need a reliable connection over RS485. The IC’s I use are auto transmit select so I don’t need to do any GPIO to select TX/RX but I do need the UART side to be reliable in handling replies from other devices.

I am hoping I can do this with TinyCLR on the G120 as I happen to have a few old Fez Cobra boards lying around. I have both RS485 and RS232 for them. Looks like TinyCLR 1.0 is going to be my only option for this just now.

Anyone working with Modbus and TinyCLR?

Here is some good news! We want to make sure TinyCLR 2.0 will work. Can we work together on proving it?

Yes, for sure I do. I have a Fez Cobra 3 on the bench with RS232 and RS485 with 4 sensors ready for testing.

If this works, I can complete the custom PCB design for this in a matter of days.

Let’s take this to emails please.

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I’ve managed to successfully port the old code from Reinhard Ostermeier to work with TinyCLR and tested on a Cobra II board with G120. I still have some cleaning up to do but it essentially works as a Modbus master. Slave has not yet been tested but that is next on the list.