Any Zelda fans?

Finishin Master Sword for my son’s Halloween costume


Wow! Give us details please! :smiley:

It is my interpretation of the following instructable:

All done using Dremel, except the end piece - handle knob. I bought one of those premade furniture legs from Home Depot’s lumber section and cut the bottom part.

Wow what an amazing instructable!
Please keep us up to date till yours is finished :slight_smile:

I love instructables. Tons of great projects and endless inspiration.


How long did it take?

Three evenings so far. I wasn’t timing it, just enjoying working on it.

He got a lot of treats last night ;D


And who ended up eating them? :slight_smile: Looks great :clap:

Not me :-[

Thanks! ;D

hahaa niice ;D
well done!


Very cool! Nice job.

that’s one cool costume !

Thanks guys! ;D

Best part about being a Dad… You get to make cool stuff again :slight_smile:

Nice work.

@ Dave McLaughlin - Exactly! Couple if years ago we made this Pinewood Derby car. He got 1st place at the race.