Any volunteers with basic 3D experience

Anyone interested in helping us in porting this to the BrainPad?
Source code

You can start on any NETMF/TinyCLR hardware and you will get a BrainPad as a gift :wink:

I’ve been 3D most of my life.

I can pretty much sense all 3 of the dimensions without too much trouble.


So, Gus can I change my brainpad to gadgeteer modules / mainboards ?

the tinyclr 3d engine :


@ mifmasterz - you need a BrainPad :wink:


@ Gus - it’s ok, let see what can I do with that. I’m still wishing to get discontinued gadgeteer modules, maybe you can open your drawer and get that dusty modules for me :wink:


@ Gus, I’ve met up with mifmasterz here in Jakarta and he is a real nice geek with loads of enthusiasm for NETMF and often attends a number of talks to push NETMF. I sold him one of my LCD driver boards for the 7" LCD and he had it up and working in a matter of hours.

He is trying to come up with a board design that he can offer here in the local market in Indonesia to promote NETMF and Gadgeteer. As you can see from the above, he puts in a fair bit of effort.

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@ Dave McLaughlin - he should talk to us. I am sure we can help :wink:

@ Gus - Thanks Gus, I’ll contact you soon…

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