Any on can access the old website?

For some reason today I am trying to access the old site it gives me the DNS error.

Anyone experience the same issue?

I’m not getting it either. Perhaps Gary finally pulled the plug?

Old website was suppose to be up for one year only but we left it there for 2 years, just in case. But it is time we have pulled the plug.

Everything you need should on the new website/docs. If not, let us know and we will take care of it.

Is there a place for the old modules and their documentation?
(datasheets / programming examples)

Remember when I installing
GHI Electronics NETMF SDK 2016 R1
The installer stopped since it can’t download some files from GHI. I ultimately found those link and manually added “old.” to the link to download & installed by hand. Now without the old site I run the risk of not able to install the SDK on new employee’s PC and/or replace my PC

Also I am wondering where the code share goes?

Gadgeteer you mean? Have you searched the docs? .NET Gadgeteer Intro

Do you mean the like samba tool? You can simply uncheck these and install.

That is code provided by users and we legally can’t move. Many didn’t even have a license. Plus they were mostly outdated. GitHub is the way to share code today as you know.

It’s good to know. Thanks.

I keep hitting dead links too, it seems there are a lot of URLs around still pointing to the old documentation. Was it set up to return 301 (moved permanently) for those two years so indexers could update, or just left to die ignominiously?

For example the current top result on a Google search for “ghi wifi networking” is
which is not found, same with the second result, also to

The rest of the results don’t seem to have anything to do with GHI, and there are certainly no pointers back to the “new” GHI site or documentation.

Google will reindex the website and all these results will get updated to this forum. In the long run this will be just fine but for the next couple weeks Google will have bad links.

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Of course this is just when I’m starting to upgrade our old boards with WiFi!

Time to start getting familiar with

And use the search feature there and search on this forum.

We are too lazy asking uncle Google to do all the searching for us :grin:

I did find it - but Google as a one-stop-shop saves on the aging memory!
I’m looking to add a light-weight class wrapper around ESP8266 modules in AT mode for our EMX Netmf 4.2 boards, @mcalsyn did a nice one but it is a bit heavy for current needs, and based on a very old version of the AT command set.

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I practically had a heart attack when I read Gus’ comment that GHI had pulled the plug. Then I looked at the new and calmed down a little. I could really sleep better at night if I knew there was some way to ensure that the MSDN .Net Micro documentation at

would be around for the next 10 or so years. After that I’ll be on a beach in Mexico and won’t care very much. Any ideas or comments on this?


Here’s a heart for you. Just in case you need a new one :slight_smile: :heart:

It’s not exactly the docs you see online and it’s from 4.2, but if you install the NETMF 4.2 SDK, you should find PSDK.chm in the install folder somewhere. It has an API reference inside of it. There may be an equivalent in 4.3 but I wasn’t able to quickly find it.

You may also be able to find the original sources or the compiled output in the Codeplex archive from NETMF: I haven’t looked in it myself for docs before but you might find something.

Thanks for the pointers, I’ll check them out after my heart rate drops back down below a 100.

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