Any NETMF developers looking for a side project? Helping our dev team get started with NETMF SBC's

We are a .NET C# shop, but haven’t done anything in NETMF. Instead of wasting countless hours trying to figure things out. We would like to hire someone that’s been around the block a few times and help us create an application that will run in an off-the-shelf SBC.

Is this the best place to find someone with actual experience?

Thanks in advance,


@ juan - Welcome to the forum.

Without knowing more about you and your application it is hard to determine if this is the “best” place. But, I can not think of a better place.

It might help to tell us where you are located and what you are trying to build.

you might want to look at this:

Are you trying to develop the C# application or porting netmf to a board or a processor?

Hi Mike,

I tried: i emailed them and left voicemail and haven’t gotten anything back.

Hopefully, here we can get some traction.


We have a C# application develop that runs on Windows. We are going to remove lots of the guts of the application and run it in a NETMF board.

We have the initial draft of the requirements and have C# code that could be provided. I can’t get to the details in this forum, but i can tell you we need:

  1. Ethernet
  2. USB Host (ideally HID)
  3. Ability to post to HTTPS/SSL
  4. We would like to update the application over the air

In a Nutshell, we will be reading data from a USB device and posting it to a website.

@ juan - they probably forwarded your contacts to Gary, who was on vacation, but will be in tomorrow. Sorry about the delay.

Sounds like G120 will cover what you. The code to just read hid and post to a website should be very easy. We can help at GHI and also this community is full of experts as well.

@ GUS Thanks. I hope Gary gets back to me. We are a bit late on this project.

@ juan - I just emailed you, if you don’t get it for some reason, you can email me directly at gary.beaver@

@ juan - You can get vast amounts of help on the forum; If you are in a C# shop it’s pretty easy - its like programming for a different framework (e.g. switching from Framework 2.0 to 4.0)

Basic things to keep in mind:

  • Isolate any critical code to that it is unit testable.
  • If you can’t attach a debugger, then you’re wasting time.

If you’re seriously desperate then try Elance; there are Netduno and Adruino “professionals” there for hire as well.

@ Mr. John Smith - Thank you. I got in touch with Gary and I’m hoping his team can help me.