Any JavaScript Superheroes? We have a gift for you!

We have free hardware for you in exchange for JavaScript demos and libraries to help us build this

Background: The DUE Link ecosystem allows every language to access hardware, including JavaScript. This is done through the serial web connection. We also use this serial connection to use Python and .NET C#.
The complete Python and C# libraries are on this github repo with examples/lessons for .NET C# and for Python

The next phase is to bring in many other technologies to the ecosystem, including JavaScript.

Who is ready to play?!

please check this out:

DUE - JS Library and Demo

hope u like it…

I’am not JS expert, but I let AI take my work LoL ;D

oh wow. This is great! I am going to have to try it.

Thanks @mifmasterz for getting this started. We have done a lot of changes but it is complete now and ready for everyone to use JavaScript support in DUE Link