Any industry application using .Net MF?

I fund that the most applications or demo were using NETMF in home or simple robot.
Does any real application using NETMF in industry?
My company is planning a 5 years project proposal.
I am a research fellow and is designated to review possible technology.
The .NETMF is a good choice, however, It is hard to find real application or large scale deployment of .NETMF in industry. Our application may need deploy the device in harsh environment (like high temperature, high humidity, hard reach place… ), the stability is very important for us. If I want convince my boss to consider the .NETMF , I need more showing cases.
If any body can give me some information about using .NETMF in real industry application I will very appreciate it.

Thank you very much.


There are plenty. You can check out Pyxis2 (; an open source operating environment for NETMF. GameSlate is also being developed; a portable NETMF gaming system.

Some (all?) Comcast settop boxes run NETMF.

Commercial users do not usually talk about thier project because they do not want thier competition to learn about how easy is NETMF, escpeciallt GHI’s devices.

So, Gus, do you mean I should contact GHI directly?

Commercial customers uses these solutions:
EMX Module, USBizi Chipsets and ChipworkX.

Take a look at our profile you get an idea of what commercial customers look for

Ascended has a few .NET MF clients however we can’t really talk about the projects due to confidentiality. There are a heap of .net devices out there, I suggest you take a look at to see some which can be talked about.

I doubt that people are hiding the fact they use netmf because they don’t want people to see how easy it is. I’d say they are just closed mouthed about anything to do with their devices. I know our clients are, as are we with any devices we are working on - the same reason Chinese companies sand the top of chips off, so nobody knows anything about what they are doing.

Colin Miller, one of creators of net mf, was asking the same thing on his blog.

Maybe some of GHI cutomers would agree to write down a case study that would prove that net mf is suitable for a good commercial product. Of course the names and all could be changed to keep the company anonymous. If we don’t give this kind of examples out to the public they will treat us only as techno enthusiasts and net mf as an experiment.

as far as I’m concerned, my company, well, to be honest, what was my company because you faced bankruptcy, we were using the NetMF to achieve this task.

Within a european project (VIAJEO), we were asked to do a demonstrator of a mobile pollution system.

Using a FEZ Cobra with Telit GPS/GRPS and one I2C component made by one partner, we created a small box.

This box was able to measure the pollution (using the I2C sensor) and then, send this information to a server using the GPRS connection. Of course, data were geotagged by using the position system of the Telit component.

All was done using NetMF. All was done in a really few time.

Sadly, we did not have the time to deploy the system because of the end of the company. But this is one sample of what could be done as “industrial” product relying on the NetMF plateform.

We could have done this development with an arduino, but as a .NEt evangelist, I could bear the idea of not using this “wonderful” platform we have with the Net MF environment :slight_smile:

My 2 cents contribution :slight_smile:

Thanks sodit for your feedback. Sory to hear that your company bankrupt… Your example is missing one thing. People want would like to hear about products that are being manufactured and selled to customers on a regular basis. Also that maintaining those product (i.e. firmware updated) can be smooth. It makes sense that those kind of products use only the raw modules or chipsets as Gus says. So how about a story of a product created from scratch based on net mf module and sold regulary (not a demo project or a rapid proof of concept that we all know net mf fits great).

well, you’re right on the point of we were not selling our work…

But, concerning update, we added one module to update our software by using the internet connection.

At the beggining of the application, and from time to time (every day), the software was able to ask
the internet connection if new version was available and then, download it and replace current dll of our software by the new one. In fact, we add to application, The first one was the launcher who took care of launching the assembly containing our code and implementing our special interface… Doing so, we were able to do what is done within pyxis, start and stop code inside an assembly…

Concerning GHI Firmware, we did not define any things concerning updates. Only our code update was taking into account.

We are using .NET MF in industrial applications (Oil and Gas industry), specifically with the EMX board. You can’t get a much harsher enviroment than offshore in the middle of the ocean. Of course I can’t specifically talk about our product as I am under a NDA.