Any former Amiga owners out there

Very tempted to back this.

I spent so much of my childhood on this machine. My favourite games included Supercars2, Speedball2 Alien Breed, lotus turbo challenge, stunt car racer and Super Off Road Racer.

I also spent days with Deluxe Paint, Sound Tracker and, ahem, Xcopy.

Sadly I never really did any programming on it. Odd as I did loads on previous 8 bit machines.

The Atari ST is where it was at.

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@ Duke Nukem - I used to play Stunt Car Race using a null modem to an Atari ST.

IIRC the Atari had a good rep for musical tools. The Amiga was a far better machine though.

I was pretty active on my Amiga 500 from 88-89. My coder name was Boogie - amazing that they have found some of my demos and intros and made them available for download. They actually work in the emulator, that was beyond my expectations…

17 years old and coding clean 68000 assembler in a lousy editor… :think:

Memory lane is fun.


Did own a 500 & 2000 as well. Played around, made some stuff in Sculpt-3D, ray tracing tubular bells, and did do some minor stuff in assembly moving some sprites along a lisajou path with double buffering … thought there was only one fixed address where the workbench was loaded into, I liked the adressing mode… 4 was number …

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@ njbuch - Awesome work. I have so many memories of those intro screens.

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@ njbuch - Respect! That is awesome…

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@ hagster -
Loved my Commodore Amiga 2000

Sure wish I still had it…

Am I the only TI994A user out there?

The oldest I ever had was a windows 98…with no internet… and a mac 7.0 with no internet also

I had an Amiga 500, with the expansion interface with an additional 1.5 MB of ram. 3MB total! It was awesome.

I was upgrading my hard drive to a new 20mb Seagate when some cable shorted out on the expansion interface and fried everything. I had just mastered programming with the Amiga’s sprites, but I never powered up an Amiga again. I think that was 1989

Speedball was awesome.

I remember reading about the infamous easter egg in the AmigaOS and rushing home to try it.
“We made Amiga! They %^@ 'd it up!”