Any file compression library available?

Hi, Folks,

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One project I am working on needs to send data log over cellular network periodically. With data cost in the States being very expensive, I am thinking of compressing the data log file before sending it out, so here comes my question:

Is there any tools or library available for NTMF?

Edit: In a google search, the full blown .net framework 4.5, a ZipFile class is available, this class seems absent in NTMF 4.3. So is there any way to home brew a zip class? I am expecting about 100 devices, 50% compression can save me big money.

Thanks in advance.

I ported a ZIP utility to 4.2 awhile ago, I think its in code share…

@ Skewworks - maby you have a link ? I can’t find it :frowning: