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Any Europeans Watching Eurovision this Saturday?


I’ve stocked up on wine :wink:


I have never understood the Europeans obsession with Euro Vision… :whistle:


It’s an excuse to have loots of booze and take the P’ out of the entrants :wink:


Now that i can do :smiley:


nice time to write some code. My wife will not interrupt me :slight_smile:
there are reasons enough to have some beer or wine
without that contest.


I would rather slowly push a broken bottle into my face. Never liked Eurovision.
Now, if they actually had decent acts rather than talentless wannabes then maaaybe i would watch it. :smiley:


@ jasuk70 - After nine years we (the Netherlands) finally made it again to the final… I sure will watch it… Singing is my 2nd passion in life :wink:


@ RobvanSchelven Good luck!


@ jasuk70 - Thanks !! You too, not sure where you come from :wink:


@ RobvanSchelven UK


i’m sure your crying sounds better than ‘our’ german act.


Lol i have missed it… on holiday, camping in robs country…


Did you have the same feeling than me? Several time, it seems to me that it was not live performance but playback !!! I’ve watched the first dozens of challengers and for some of those the sound was not perfectly synchronized with the face…


AFAIK, the music part is recorded but they have to sing live to keep within the rules.
It may have been a broadcast issue with the audio out of sync.


There were not only sync issues due to broadcast stuff… at least for one of the candidate… I will try to see it again…


@ VB-Daniel - It cant have been that bad can it??