Any chances to see BrainPad on Mouser before fall semester 2015 starts?


You might want to start begging Mouser ASAP!

Well, Mouser kind of has it listed with 0 inventory, so the question now is who’s actually got the token - Mouser or GHI?.. That’s why I’m asking.

There’s been several other threads about getting GHI stock at Mouser. In the past, others have had good luck by contacting Mouser and asking them stock the components they need. I’d at least send them an email or perhaps a call to let them know you’re waiting.

Mouser will generally update their catalog with new products and then issue us POs based on those new entries.

@ Gary - do they have a schedule or does that happen randomly?

They usually enter the PO the next week after they enter the product in their system. And from what I can tell they generally enter new products the same week we announce depending on what day we do the announcement.

@ Gary - got it, thanks.

Email your local Mouser rep, those emails generally make their way to me.