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Any chance of System.Runtime.Serialization?


Any chance of System.Runtime.Serialization?
I could really use BinaryFormatter.

Im sending RF commands between devices and string building, composing and decomposing is a pain.
Can anyone suggest a better way?


I think serialization is very much needed on embedded devices. This is on our to do list.


A Json serialization? We have Reflection in tinyclr right?


Few years ago, I worked on this stuff for NetMF with other members of the community and the code was on the old GHI site … But I can’t find anymore…



This was serializer for XML



Perhaps someone could adapt this to Tinyclr


Ive been looking at this:

There’s a NuGet package:

Also there’s a generator:

I can generate the .CS file from the .proto, I get the types correctly generated but there seems to be some things missing for TinyCLR

System.Collections.Generic, IEquatable<> and Func<>


Netmf/TinyCLR/nanoFramework do not support generics