Any advice for a SPI flash memory chip

G400D does not have a flash to store user data and we wouold like to embed a memory chip to store some values that need to be restore after POR.

Do you have any advices, tricks and tips about that?

@ leforban - Well if you also need a WiFi adapter, the IoT Labs WiFi module has a 512k Flash chip on it…

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@ munderhill - Which chip are you talking about? do you have an url?

@ leforban - This is the chip on the WiFi module that I use for OTA updates, but it can be used for anything.

@ leforban - Why don’t you attach a memory card to it?

you could look at the flash chip or its family from the now discontinued GHI Flash Module?

@ munderhill - I already chose a Spansion flash chip. The good news is that it’s pin to pin compatible with the microchip one

@ leforban - I am not sure about the Spansion chip, but one of the reasons that I chose the Microchip one was the WSON packaging which is nice and small.

@ munderhill - WSON package also exists for the Spansion model. However I have selected a SOIC8 one. This seems preferable for hand soldering for preseries and to check SPI signal. However as soon as it will be validated we will try to reduce sizes and parts bill.