Anti-static bags

I’m curious if other people are careful about always putting components into anti-static bags when transporting them. I sometimes drop things into plastic boxes and sometimes bag them first. What’s a best practice here?

For me personally, I do not believe in static :slight_smile:

I DO believe in static.
I am not the freak of putting everything in static bags though.

I do however use a anti-static wristband when handling sensitive devices (like micro controller chips or other chips / modules).

I worked with a guy once who blew up board after board because ho could generate a large static charge on his body from walking a few feet across carpet (even in high humidity.) In the same exact environment no one else would have an issue. Maybe it was the type of shoes he wore or how he walked; I don’t know, but it sure was freaky.

I usually try to protect boards just to keep them from getting physically damaged and since they come in static bags that is what I usually use. I’ve never damaged anything due to static but I have seen it happen before my eyes.

I find the anti-static bags great for storing herb like products.

Mike, you are scaring me. ;D ;D ;D

What happens if you smoke one of those herb bags mike? :whistle:

the bag does not smoke… it melts. ;D