Antenna Options For SITCore SBC

I have a question, will there be a version of the SITCore SBC boards with support for an external antenna? I need to put these in metal enclosures and I am going to assume my range and signal strength will be deteriorated.

It can be a special order if you need hundreds but if you need one then you can replace the WiFi module if you are good at soldering

Thanks Gus.

Soldering is not an issue for me, de-soldering is a different ball game; especially if I want to keep the device. :slight_smile:


It looks like the Duino and the Feather have antenna sockets on their Wifi modules?

Do they need to be activated by software?

A hot air rework station is a nice tool to have but you would have to disassemble the LCD from a Fez Portal or Fez Bit before attempting to apply heat to the WiFi module.

Not a bad idea. Any recommendations for a hobbyist?

Atten and Yihua make decent soldering and hot air stations. My previous unit was an Atten that lasted for well over 8 years of heavy use. My latest Yihua 995D is now over 3 years old and used many times a week. It has a nice standby feature if you forget to switch it off. It has 3 preset settings and I use this to switch to a lower hot air temp for heat shrinking.

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Nice and thanks.