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[Answered]Panda II /w WIZNET 5100 socket count


How many sockets can the Panda II and WizNet use at one time?




the 4 limit is the limit that the WIZ chip has, not a Fez limit. You can do a MAXIMUM of 4, but if you need 4 then you need to NOT use DHCP and you need to make sure you do NOT reserve the fourth socket when you set up the Wiz networking.


The reason why I ask is because I want to use the PandaII/Wiznet5100 as a control for a hydroponics system(No, I’m not growing weed :D). My plan is to host a webpage that can be used to give status updates(Humidity, PH, Temp, Water Level, ect…) as well as control pumps and other equipment. I will be using the RTC and solar panel feedback as control factors so I will need as least one socket for internet time and another to be able to update an XML file stored on the SD card. How do I dispose of the sockets when I am done with them? Does closing the socket free up that resource when the program is done with it?


You can dispose the socket by only socket.Close(). This will free up the socket resources.