Another Xbee-like WiFi!

Someone posted about one by digi and here is another one now
and from sparkfun

Nice! It’s $35, where the Digi one is $50. Not sure if it’s an apples to apples feature compare, though. Someone got his (Digi) yesterday and has not had a chance to play with it yet. I knew there would be competition, but not this quickly!

@ Gus - thanks for the links.

[edit] A quick perusal of the roving networks datasheet shows that it only supports 802.11 B/G and not N, as the Digi does. You certainly don’t need N for transmitting serial data! Probably there just for supporting newer N only networks, so a bit more future proof.

Any chance we’ll ever see a “pro” version of this with the 6-15 mile range of the XBee Pro? That would make one heck of a WAN ;D

Maybe with microwaves? Hard to cram a transmitter into that form factor :wink:

I like it, the command set is actually done quite nice. As nice and compressed as binary is, the ASCII is easier to work with, as NETMF can handle it very easily. I might pick one of these up next time I order from SFE.

Looks fine to me :smiley: I might use those/digi’s wifi modules for future robots which do not need the few mile range of a xbee pro. 8)