Another Source for Gadgeteer Sockets

Samtec charges a ton for their sockets, even in quanity. I know some of you have been looking to do large runs of boards with sockets. For most modules, the socket is the single most expensive part (besides the cable).

If you can afford 4 digit quantities, has some that look to be correct. From the drawings, they actually look like the ones Gus is using:

Data Sheet (generic to the whole family, screenshot attached as well)

(for reference: samtec data sheet )

You have to have an account to see the price, so I opened one. For these, they are $0.58 each in quantities of 1000. A buttload, but for you guys looking to sell zillions of modules, it makes sense.

Samtec charges $1.29/each in quantities of 1000.

Important note: if hand-soldering, the chamfering on the bottom of the Samtec parts makes it much easier. Look at the profile on a GHI module to see the difference when compared to a Samtec part. You may want to consider the through hole versions (4ucon part 06229) at $0.51/ea in 1000pc quantities instead.

Finally, if you’re going to have someone else assemble them SMT, you may need to get the version that has the cap on top (for P&P machines, presumably) and reel, which’ll run $488/700 pieces, minimum 1400 pieces. Part 19735.

Looks like the ribbon connectors are part 02291 at $0.67/each for 1000pc. Data sheet:

I stumbled across these when trying to find a cheaper source of MIDI connectors. I looked at the Sparkfun data sheet and found out they used these guys. (The 5 pin DIN MIDI connectors are $0.23 in quantities of 1000, in case you were curious. Part 05138 at 4ucon)

I have no idea what shipping costs from this place. Also, you have to “earn” sample credits by placing other orders.


Not if you hired GHI to place them :slight_smile: We paid $$$$ (more than we can imagine) for a tool that picks up the connector as is, no cap, to capton tape.

An assembly house would never spend that money for that tool but since we place hundreds of thousands of connectors then it is worth it for us. We will hit millions this year!

@ Pete - thanks for posting this information.

@ Gus - Knowing that you have a big backlog of boards to make, does that mean your new production line is available “for hire”? Same question for cutting some acrylic…

We can offer production in near future but now the line is too busy. We actually have big surprise in this area but the idea is still on the slow cooker. Will taste better that way :slight_smile:

Thanks for the laugh Gus. I am looking forward to the time you stop getting new ideas and slow down! :smiley:

You are right and this is why we already have a second line in the plan :slight_smile:

Gus, are these the same ones you use on your modules?

They look right. I’m not sure I’ll ever have reason to order that many, but is good to know if they are.


They look similar but I can’t be sure.