Another music module

This one is from dfrobot and it has a small 8bit micro on the module. This allows the NETMF system to send data easier, which is buffered and sent to the decider through the little micro.

I haven’t tested this and not sure what drivers are provided.

I’ve had one of these for a while now. Unfortunately, I don’t think there’s a driver available for it yet.

Missing driver is a challenge, but it looks pretty straightforward as it is a closed module with only serial commands.

I think that design has benefits, as you can use it with all mainboards and wont have problems with timing or breaking up sounds.

The problem is that they have built in the amplifier module, and to my needs its not powerful enough. Dont know what to do with that.

Audio feedback is a great addition to embedded systems, and this module should be able to solve this in most cases, when you need a small speaker.

To some of us, we need bigger speakers, and the option of having a line-out is the best option, there is a huge range of amplifier modules available that can fit any need.

I am still waiting for some of you hardware guys to sketch the extra small piece of circuitry needed to get the line-out of the existing music module. Please please.

@ njbuch. I would be happy to give you a schematic but to be honest, I have not yet found a good working solution. I have a Sure Electronics amplifier module here and it has capacitors on the input but I still get really bad sound from the MP3 module. I am not sure if this is due to the MP3 I am using.

Could I ask if you could send me a small MP3 that you have and you know sounds good over headphones and I will test it on my setup? If it works, I do you the schematic straight away.

I’ll send you my email address by direct message.

@ Dave McLaughlin - went not click on the new icon, the envelope? :slight_smile: yeah we added this few days ago.

Thanks Gus, I spotted this. :slight_smile: