Another mini contest

Run linux on FEZ Hydra and get $500 coupon. Details are on wiki

I know at least one member of this community i working on it so hurry up if you want to bat him to the $500 coupon :wink:

Of course FEZ Hydra is made to be an 100% open source .NET Gadgeteer with NETMF at its core so there is no need for Linux, but this will be a good options for those who need Linux.

I’m curious what the success criteria is. Boot? Boot and show command prompt on the T35? Run a certain app? Works as a server? Something else? :slight_smile:

I’m oldschool. I think the criteria should be a complete working port of Motif :wink:


The requirements are:

[ol]Boot-strap/u-boot/kernel/file-system have to all be on SD card.
FEZ Hydra will boot from SD card. The processor boots SD before dataflash. This will allow users to run NETMF by removing the linux-boot-sd-card and then run Linux by simple inserting the SD card.
Must add a new page on this wiki providing complete documentations on what is needed to modify the original linux4sam sources.
Must provide an example application that uses Joystick module, LED7R module and Display module.
If 2 developers co-worked on this, we will provide $250 coupon for each.[/ol]

I hate it when I ask a question only to find out the answer was just a scrollbar away :wink:

Thanks @ Architect.


Yeah and from there anyone can extend it. The most difficult part in booting linux then making changes on kernel or writing program to run on kernel is not as difficult. It is still very complex compared to NETMF/gadgeteer.

You are welcome! :smiley:

It should run Mono, so we can execute a .Net app on it. Oh hang on… I think we can already do that on the hardware :slight_smile:

What is currently missing in .NETMF vs. Embedded Linux (or Win CE for that matter) is that to higher level O/S have too much bloat and the bare metal frameworks are missing some critical O/S features. I don’t think it will be too long until the two come together nicely in the middle.

And we have a winner

I don’t want to step on anybody’s toes ;). But I think that kind of effort deserves an experience boost.