Another happy step towards NETMF 4.2, premium this time!

Joe decided to put on his superhero t-shirt and dig into EMX codes to convert to 4.2. I kid you not, the project is so huge and complex that no one wants to touch it!

So yes, we can now deploy 4.2 projects on EMX (Spider/cobra), now to move the 101 premium libraries we offer.

Looks like next release will have 4.2 for premium and for OSHW.


That is great news… Though I do not think it will make much difference to me just yet, I can’t wait to try out the 4.2 bits.

I want 4.2 on my spider, thanks! What about ChipworkX?

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undecided, waiting on something I can’t talk about! :slight_smile:

Can you not cut out the EM module code in the EMX code to please? My CANxtras will love you for it :slight_smile:

Tha’s good news! What about USBizi ?

Go Joe, can’t wait… :slight_smile:

Thanks! I am sure Skewworks would love it too! :wink:

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No doubt about it there!