Another Gadgeteer book

Somebody mentioned recently that there will be a new book released soon. Looks like it is about to happen: I hope this is going to be good. All the (two?..) other Gadgeteer books I know are far from perfect and useful, in my opinion.


That is the book I saw at the maker faire last weekend. Looks like there is not a C# version.

I saw that said book in the flesh and flicked thru it today :slight_smile:

I guess VB is still considered “easier” language.

Well, I won’t contradict. I’ve been programming VB for years, now I only do C#, but my heart still belongs to VB (please don’t beat me) :slight_smile: VB code looks wayyy much cleaner to me…

I actually asked the creators why it was VB, was an interesting conversation…

And fear not Mike - there is hope for a C# version…

Who put up the site?

“ is a personal site about making and programming devices with .NET Gadgeteer, maintained by Nicolas Villar”

And Steven Johnson - Both MS chappies…

@ ransomhall - That was my question too.

@ Justin - from IM Publishing? :wink:

@ Architect - Nope - but… :whistle:

I still use both myself for a couple of Apps but tend to use C# more these days. Have even managed to create an ROV Control System with interrupts from a custom ISA card and all using C# on the PC.

The only issue I have is the damn ; at the end of C# lines. I keep adding the bloody things to VB code and getting errors :slight_smile:

There is a C# vision coming after from what I heard.

Links are open!

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