Android Open Accessory

Google is jumping in

Very sweet. This means now android phones can plug and play in any FEZ, thanks to the built in USB host support.

We will get to this very soon but let me make an offer, $500 GHI coupon to the first one implementing an open source library for android accessory API. You must share the code and show a video demonstrating how FEZ is communicating with the phone…so, who wants $500 coupon? :slight_smile:

Here is the direct buy link:

31500 Japanese yen = 390.0928 US dollars

cool! A $35 panda can do the same job…no actually better :smiley:


Could you loan me your Android Phone?? :smiley:

Sam, you can use android emulator ;D

I’m just teasing Gus.
Thanks, for the tip, though! :wink:

I would lend you mind but I do not have one…going to buy one soon though :slight_smile:

I watched the keynote today and was pretty excited when they talked about this. They tied it in with another announcement called “Android@ Home”, which as it sounds, is a home automation platform.

@ Gus - $500, eh? Are you looking for an interop layer between this and the GHI SDK, or something more specific?

[quote]@ Gus - $500, eh? Are you looking for an interop layer between this and the GHI SDK, or something more specific?

GHI already offers raw USB interface so all you have to do is take the Arduino code and port it to use the GHI USB drivers instead of using MAX3421 chip use on the Arduino. I think it is a weekend fun project as the code is already done for arduino (I am assuming)

The code has to be released apache 2 of course so everyone can benefit from it.

Looks really nice, but really, Arduino form factor? No thanks. Just route the pins out to standard .01" headers, double row if you have to.

Arduino form factor is OK for stuff like the FEZ where it’s intended to be Arduino compatible, but on totally unrelated dev boards it’s just plain annoying.

Once Eric finishes the drivers for NETMF then you will be able to sue any on the board, use FEZ Cobra if you want! Or place USBizi on a board of your choice.

Don’t hold your breath… I was just askin’ :slight_smile:

I can hack my phone and get the necessary version of Android (v2.3.4), but after a warranty fiasco with Verizon on another phone recently, I’m definately not into voiding mine. And I know the wife would be really pissed if I got a Motorola Xoom tablet with v3.1 on it. Guess I should have gone to the IO conference to get a free tablet…

Sorry, make that sense to connect a wireless and bluetooth device on a cable string ?
I see no use of a usb connection :o

Please, give me light :smiley:

If you are talking about cyanogen,latest stable CM7 (7.0.3) is 2.3.3. Nightly is 2.3.4,but it doesn’t have usb api yet. I have tried it yesterday (htc incredible). I hope next CM7 (7.1) will have it.

More on this

I think it is great technology, but, also android is now supporting USB host mode.

If I understand the news release and the goggle notes, the Accessory must supply 2.5W:

“Accessories must also provide 500mA at 5V for charging power. Many previously released Android-powered devices are only capable of acting as a USB device and cannot initiate connections with external USB devices. Android Open Accessory support overcomes this limitation and allows you to build accessories that can interact with an assortment of Android-powered devices by allowing the accessory initiate the connection.”

I think soon most devices will start supporting Host mode, tablets and phones, ViewSonic g does some others a host of others are coming out with versions that do.

With IOIO and other products will just reinforce the need for host mode USB… Using IOIO, you must supply power…
“3. Prepare the IOIO board. The only think you need to do for the HelloIOIO example is power the IOIO board. Keep in mind, the IOIO board will always need an external power supply between 5-15V. You can connect the power supply to the VIN and GND pins (headers will need to be soldered in place), as shown here OR…”

Also, check this tablet…〈=en

Even supports a fully loaded Linux…

I made a sample app using the normal Android development process, put it on my Nexus S (running normal OTA Android 2.3.4), and plugged it in to my FEZ Domino. Now I can turn on LEDs and push buttons and everyone has a good time. They connect together and you have a bidirectional byte stream

[url][/url] is the .NET Micro Framework code.
[url][/url] is the Android code.

Sorry if the markup sucks. I’m new at this and I don’t see a preview option.

I haven’t dug into the details yet, but my impression was that the accessory is the USB host, not the Android device. I say this because the (expensive) board they handed out at the conference is a USB host. Also, several early reports in 'duino forums indicate you can hook up an (less expensive) Arduino using the USB host sheild. The host accessory listens for a device connected event (the droid) and initiates the connection.

FEZzers will be in droid heaven as soon as somebody ports the ADK USB code .