And there I was

Hunched over my computer, it was October 22nd almost 10pm local time, the glow of illuminating my darken office with the slacker cat curled up in his usual chair, snoring. I was counting on GHI’s site running in the Eastern Daylight Timezone, two hours ahead of me. I had everything ready, Plan A often tried and tested, Plan B had been executed a couple of times, just to be sure if called on, it was proven performer, nothing has been left to chance. I check the atomic clocks again, just a couple of minutes to go. I close my eyes, take a deep breath and visualize the plan executing, the pieces falling into place and the sweet rewards. I open my eyes and focus on the clock, just seconds to go. I stretch and flex my fingers, and tune their position on the keyboard and mouse and carefully move the mouse to the top right of the browser, directly over the refresh icon. Beads of sweat form on my forehead, I remind myself its -6 outside and snowing, but keep my focus on the time and as the pixels forming 10:00 PM start to glow in the lower right corner of my screen, the plan begins to execute, the click of the refresh followed by the mouse moving down the refreshing page in anticipation of next click, a GasSense MQ-3 Module, a couple of GasSense MQ-7 Modules, but you cant stop there so another Cerberus and Mountaineer USB Mainboard, and hey that last UC Battery 4xAA Module worked out surprisingly well so I better get another one of those, remember to get a Barometer Module this time so I can test that new version, and speaking of new versions I better get a Display TE35 Module, and finally a WiFi RS21 Module with External Antenna as the NSA wants more range on that last device I built them so they can lose the dish on top of the van as it was a bit of a giveaway, but whats this, the gas modules are ‘Out of Stock!?!?!? Bugger my perfect plan, tossed upside down in the ditch by three little words, this cant be, so I begin to wonder about the usual suspects, @ Architect, @ Mike or maybe @ WouterH or @ Justin, ya those guys are always pretty quick around here, I bet they scooped all of them, but next time, those modules will be mine :slight_smile:


Was not me! :slight_smile:

Lol not i

Wasn’t me either :slight_smile:

sorry, I don’t have any needs to detect gas.

Your missus might :smiley:


I can say, without hesitation, that my wife does not need a sensor to detect gas.

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Gas sensor was improved the last second before if shipped with plug-able socket and it is in stock now :slight_smile: