And another WiFi module based on STM32

Ultimately, I need a platform that will enable reliable communication between client and controller. I used the ZigBee WiFI module to much disdain. I really thought that one was the answer. I simply cannot understand, how Blu can sell a Capacitive touch screen, WIFI, GPS, Cellular Modem, 1GB of ram and a battery for $67 usd while I can’t even get reliable data between my µC and my desktop.

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It is nice to see that at least one SSL client socket is supported. The lack of that has been a serious pain point for me with the ESP8266 and limits its usefulness.

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@ mcalsyn - What’s the point of SSL if there is an unencrypted path between the radio and the µC? (I’m asking a serious question)

There are more snoopers on the transport wire than between the chip and uC. Also, SSL provides proof-of-peer so that you know you are talking to the host you wanted and aren’t the victim of DNS spoofing or IP re-routing.

It’s certainly a valid point, but serial wifi is a component choice offering low-cost and design simplicity. If you need integral security for the data pathways in your device, then serial wifi is a poor choice.

…and if nothing else, there are lots of services that won’t speak to you without SSL.

Yea, I already know that I need SSL as well; or some sort of other transport security.