Analog video on video overlay

I want to overlay a low resolution (black and white if it will reduce latency) video over a slightly higher resolution video and broadcast it on 5.8ghz to my goggles for flying my racing quadcopter FPV.
the screen is 640x480 and the cameras i am using is a 700tvl hs1190 and it already is going through an OSD for Voltage and mAh draw.
I want to know if there is a way to have a 2nd camera and overlay that image on top of the existing image using something small enough to fit in my quadcopter? I would like to have a smaller camera looking backwards and have the image act as a rear view mirror.


Good luck. Sounds a fun project. Not sure you’ll get any meaningful answers here though, there are probably many other FPV video related areas on the internet that you’d be much more likely to get a response from.

@ sicnetwrk - So basically picture in picture?

Yeah I have been asking people in the FPV field around the internet but haven’t gotten a straight answer yet.
And yes basically picture in picture.

@ sicnetwrk - I don’t think you’re going to find that answer here. It’s really only if you switch your video system to some sort of powerful micro controller that can handle image compositions, or a display that can.

Ok. Well thank you for your response.

You also might look here : [url][/url]
and here : [url][/url]

to see if you can use one of those, either off-the-shelf or with modifications.