Analog sound measuring

Good day,
I am completly new to this and have couple question.
After searching for almost a day, I could not find any real answeres, what lead me here.
Long story short : I am searching the way how to measure dB in room and dont really know what modules
would i need for that. I need analog input from module, so that i can modify it.

@ VIDemon - To measure sound, an analog input is usually used. A transducer, which converts the sound level into a voltage between 0-3.3V is required.

Many of the MF and Gadgeteer boards have analog inputs, but at the present time there are no GHI Gadgeteer modules available which converts the sound into the required voltage range.

You might look at

Thank you.
So I can use it to do something like Guitar Tuner, right ?

@ VIDemon

Building a guitar tuner is a bit more difficulty than normal micro framework development.

Tuning requires detecting frequency as well as sound level.

I assume building a tuner involves sampling at twice the highest frequency and then doing an FFT.

To achieve the required sampling rate, and get the calculation done in a responsive time, the use of RLP would be needed.

C# and VB code run too slow. RLP uses C code and should run fast enough. Check the support section for information about RLP.

@ VIDemon - I have a Gadgeteer driver I wrote for as I’ve been using it for some ambient sound experiments where we have been taking a sound level reading every five seconds and uploading it to Azure for analysis. If there is a sudden sound then the module detects it and raises an interrupt/event so we can capture it. When I get some time (hopefully someday soon), I’ll post the driver and samples etc.