Analog Out - Zero Volts

I am using the AnalogOut on a Panda II. I need to generate a 0-200mv signal. The lowest output I can achieve is 40mv. Is there some kind of limitation with this port? I have the most basic program using the port and setting the linear scale from min 0 to max 3300. If I set the output to Zero, I get 40mv instead of near 0. I get 3.3v at max which is what I expect.

Thanks -AP

Interesting. Please try direct processor register access using register class to set the values maybe?

Yea…not much experience with registers. Can you point me where I find the correct register? Or do you have it handy and could reply with it?

How about this?

I looked that over…I tried to figure it out but its over my head. Looks like the register is 0xE006C000? How would I write to that? I see examples, but there must be more to it than:

private static Register aOut= new Register(0xE006C000);