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An interesting day


I am auditing an advanced programming class at Princeton University. Today, the professor invited a special guest to speak to the class.

The photo to the left is the professor, and the one to the right is the special guest.

Who will be the first to identify both?


@ cyberh0me - Correct!

Did you recognize them, or use Google search?


Another guest at class today. Was a great talk about the history of XXX.

Photos are not great. They make auditors sit all the way in the back of class.

Who was the guest?


[quote=“Mike”]… the history of XXX.

Photos are not great.[/quote]

Hmmm… I bet the pictures in this class were quite interesting! :smiley:


@ cyberh0me - Computer scientist? That’s all you have? :stuck_out_tongue:


no one uses c++, real coders only use assembly…


@ cyberh0me - Yes, I only play one on TV


I really do wish I was allowed to share a lot more of the cool thing that I work on day to day, and not just my nighttime ‘TV’ projects. They are way more interesting.