AMP M35 Module


Here I am with an other question/problem,again. ;D

I don’t understand if the amp module needs sd card so it will play music or a simple sound.
I try the sample code with no results.

Where I can find some examples?

I don’t want to play music but only simple sounds such as alarm clock.

Many thanks.

@ gharamis - The AMP M35 module is not an audio decoding platform, you will need the music module. This module will only amplify a given input.

thanks James.

Maybe I don’t understand well.

But in the description…
[em]“All GHI Electronics’ devices include a PCM audio player to play standard 8bit WAV files. Ideal for playing audible messages. Non-GHI mainboards can utilize this module to generate simple tones, not WAV files.”[/em]

What means this?

If all ghi electronics devices include a PCM audio player, so I can use this player to produce my audible message.I am right?

@ gharamis - Read the developer guide in the resources section of the AMP M35 module on its catalog page.

@ gharamis - The feature of playback is provided by the mainboard libraries in the Util namespace. An example set of code for this feature is provided here:

Edit: Mike is too fast, as per usual. :stuck_out_tongue:


I will read,again, this sample code.

so,for this feature I don’ t need sd card,right?

I apologize if I ask the same thing again and again but I am newbie.

No it is not needed. The CodeShare entry listed on that page will show you how you can use the system resources to store the audio data.

… but remember that without somewhere to store data, you end up with static, known audio files that you can play. Potentially with an SD card, you can load the sound file dynamically (search for files with a file extension at runtime and load them individually). So if you’re just about to order some stuff, I’d suggest you add an SD card anyway, it’ll give you more options… But as everyone has said, you don’t NEED it.