America to England in 5 days

Thanks GHI!! My Panda II arrived today 1 day BEFORE the due release date…

As the voucher took care of the panda NO VAT or HANDLING to pay…

Cheers guy’s

:wink: Great!

Same here, Amerika to Belgium in 5 days (weekend included). Ordered Thursday, arrived Tuesday. Awesome service.

If we would live in the neighborhood, I’d ask my wife to bake a cake for all of you :wink:

The order of the Panda II to the Netherlands in 5 days.
Promised that the journey was about 2 or 3 weeks would last, but today already received. With the coupon, there were no customs charges. GHI thanks for your offer.
Direct download the latest firmware version for the ‘new functionality’ of the SDK. In the coming weeks I will be the new features of GHI NETMF study :wink:

EriSan, I’m from Belgium too, so I live in the neighborhood… 8)

Still no news on my side, and I live in Canada. I guess this is because US Postal is shipping by truck… :frowning:

Wouter, I knew you were from Belgium, but where exactly? I’m from Oppuurs.

You’re not a relative from “wat hebben we heleerd vandaagh” ? :slight_smile:

Hi Eric,
I’m from Harelbeke. My dad has the same uncle as Piet. So ‘far’ related.