Amazing video (projection-mapping with robotic controlled moving surfaces)



What was extraordinarily impressive was there was no light bleeding through onto the background from the projection!

@ mhectorgato - Reminds me of this video:

Some very similar projection magic, though on a MUCH larger scale. :slight_smile:

EDIT: Would love to know what I’m doing wrong with the video embed…I thought it was just supposed to be the video ID between the video tags…did that change? Nevermind…tried the full URL, and that works. Strange…would’ve sworn it was just the ID before.

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Absolutely stunning.

@ devhammer - Good one too!

Very large scale! It’s cool that you don’t see light beams from the projectors to the building surface. I wonder if they on the rigging above deadmau5.

Which in turn reminds of the Tour de France projections this year:

I remember watching and being amazed at how dark the “inside” of the Arc de Triomphe stayed.

However (not to minimize in any fashion these 2 large scale projects) they are stationary objects - likely with much larger budgets.

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I have a suggestion.

When we quote somebody that has video in the post. Lets remove the video. Makes a page less busy. :slight_smile:

I noticed that too …

Projection mapping is very diffcult to get right. something that makes this video even more impressive!

These are the guys that made the video they make a robotic motion control rig for film production.
here is some of there other vids

@ mhectorgato - All I can say is mind = blown. This is one of the most stunning representations I have seen on this topic, great find!

@ James -

What else to say than…Waouh !

This mix of robotics and projection is fantastic !

Another proof of what imagination can be no limit !