Amazing Pulse, Gadgeteer device

Ever graphed something on excel? Well, this is how you do it, physically!

All you need is a FEZ, few servos and a lot of inspiration.


Lots of super cool projects popping up lately. Rock on FEZzers!

This is so cool! Very creative!

Thanks for posting this Gus! I’m Jon, the guy in the movie - just though i’d give some more info about this project and share the experience of first time Gadgeteer users with the rest of the community.

Myself and fellow design student Christian Ferrara built Pulse using a Gadgeteer kit during an exchange semester to the Rhode Island School of Design - it was a great experience and we totally fell in love with the simplicity of Gadgeteer.
The concept was to simplify on-line information to a level that it is both functional and aesthetic, this was after we both grew frustrated by the amount of useless information we had to sift through in screen based devices (such as being distracted by Facebook or the news when checking for the weather).
We achieved this by connecting a Gadgeteer FEZ Spider mainboard, the WiFi RS21 module and the extender modules which are connected to 6 servo motors.

The project recently won a Core77 Design Award (Student Notable - Consumer Products) and was featured on design blogs Dezeen, FastCoDesign and ItsNiceThat.

Right now we are really into creating object based information interaction - so stay tuned for more great Gadgeteer based projects!


Wow this is great news about winning. It is a real nice project with unique idea.

Welcome to the community and we look forward to seeing more. I may actually send you an email in couple days about couple ideas I have.

@ Jonmct - Welcome to the forum! Congratulations on the award!

@ Jonmct - Congrats! Good job. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with next.

@ Jonmct - Congrats, and let me also add my welcome!

Really innovative use of .NET Gadgeterer.