Alternative FS drivers in RLP?

Hi, I tried searching around before asking but was surprised to find no topics on the subject either here or via google in general…

Are there any existing alternative FS drivers for Net MF in RLP? Fat32 has its file size limitations that I am hoping to get around by using, for example, ext2 or ext4 (with journaling turned off to be kind to the sd flash) or anything that allows larger files. Barring this, is it possible to access the block layer directly from Net MF? Or is there an RLP driver that simply allows direct IO on the SD device?


You need files larger than 2tb on a small embedded device? I think this is a bad idea.

Yeah possibly. I was thinking of an sqlite db and doing a lot of sensor logging… I know that 4gb is still a lot but I have a 16gb card in there, would be nice to not have to swap it out prematurely

2tb? Isn’t fat32’s file size limitation 4gb? Or does NetMF actually use ExFAT ?

Yes 4gb, tb media size I think.

These little micros running SQLite can do a lot of great things but a 4gb+ DB will probably not run fast enough. This is untested so I am only assuming.

No worries, I can appreciate that. Still a means of direct IO on the SD block device below any FS driver would be handy to me. Does such a thing exist already? If not, I’m not afraid to explore doing it via RLP myself.


You can use RLP to implement your own access to a media but you can’t hook into the NETMF drivers.

And if you are using one of the open source offers, you can do anything you want but it will be much more work.

Ok, I’ll have a play and see what I can come up with.

Thanks again