Alljoyn pulled into NETMF 4.4

This just showed up in my inbox : Add AllJoyn support to NETMF by mortezag · Pull Request #226 · NETMF/netmf-interpreter · GitHub

It’s a big honkin’ pull request that will bring AllJoyn Tiny Core into NETMF 4.4. I wouldn’t go pull it just yet as there are some reports of build issues (unless you feel like helping out), but this means that building 4.4 firmware with Alljoyn built in will be feasible in the coming days. It’s a big pull request, so no telling how soon it will be merged.


Well that’s… A [em]huge [/em]pull request :open_mouth:

Love it!

Anyone know of a good primer on alljoyn? I need to get some familiarity with it.

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Me, too. :slight_smile:

Pretty much everything I know, I got from the main web site (here’s their intro document : and from the source code. The site is pretty comprehensive, but not the easiest to navigate, and sometimes the source leaps ahead of the docs.