All right, which one of you is working for the FBI?

Right up our alley.

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@ Terrence - Well, I see an adafruit logo on one of the boards…interesting that it uses off-the-shelf boards like that.

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I can’t legally tell you whether or not @ devhammer is FBI.

I doubt that is a picture of the device though. How do those components hook together. Where are the wires.

It’s wireless !!! :whistle:

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@ Mr. John Smith - My guess is if this is an actual FBI photo they would remove all the wiring so someone couldn’t re-create it. However, anyone who really knows what those components are will know how to figure out the wiring. There is also the software that would need to be written both on the end device and whatever server was getting the data on the other end. Most likely the FBI are the ones who know the least about what they are looking at. ::slight_smile:

Haha… Just like the internet.

That’s the first thing I noticed


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These were fun back in the day

well the small board with the 2.4G printed antenna is one of these.
Coz Ive got one sitting in front of me.

I just want to point out that sometimes you can surmise that people work for certain agencies, when they inexplicably move around and work in different countries, and this keeps them from having to break any NDA agreements by spelling it out or admitting to anything.

@ mtylerjr - All right, it’s time for you to fess up. Who do you and who have you worked for? Your busted! :wink: