All 144 pins on the STM used

Who needs Picaso when you have Hypermodernism Embedded STM Art :clap:


@ Justin - How many layers?

@ devhammer - 4

External memory with only 4 wires, I love challenges like that.

Indeed, so much a challenge I had to use 52 wires…


Nice bit of manual routing there Justin.

I found myself trying to hover over the tracks in your image and forgot I wasn’t looking at this inside Altium … DOH!!! :slight_smile:


@ Justin - What no BGA version? :smiley:

@ Dave McLaughlin - Thanks, I have trouble with attachments all the time and reality…

@ Jason - been there done that, got the tee shirt ;D

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@ Justin - Awesome! How big is the board?

@ munderhill - 92 x 67mm