Alive and kicking in Kaiapoi

Hey GHI peeps.

I haven’t been here in donkey’s years.

I went through a massive layoff at my employer 3 months ago, and started a new job this week down here in the lovely city of Kaiapoi, that actually has me enjoying programming again. No .net stuff unfortunately. Yet. But lots of RFID (my specialty)

I see Tinyclr is up to its 11th preview release. I last looked at it at #4 I think. I hope I can try it out sometime soon, now that I might be able to afford to replace the hardware I blew up :smiley:


Hi Mike, welcome back and glad to hear you are in gainful employment again. Hopefully no need to sell more of your stuff. :wink:

I am close also to getting back into NETMF but have stayed away until TinyCLR Is actually complete, as far as having GUI, NET, etc fully implemented (with minor bugs here and there) and I’ve built a board based on the G400S for this purpose and one is winging its way to GHI just now to find out why it won’t take the bootloader.

Good luck with the job.