ALFAT-USB interface enables

I have an ALFAT-USB, The File System user manual says to see the “device specifications” for details on how to select “the specific device dependent pins” for the interface. The only specifications I can find are on page 1 of the schematic. The title box of the schematic says there are two pages, but only one downloads. How do I get the second page where I might find the answers to my questions?

I identify a pin labeled “SPI_SSEL” but I do not see similar pins for UART or I2C. Please explain.

Regarding the pin labeled “VBat” - where do I find the specifications for this input?

How do use the “wakeup” pin?

@ rockybooth - See my reply to your other post:

It should have all the information you need.

@ John: On the ALFAT-USB, where is page two of the schematic for the ALFAT-USB?

How do I access the fast shutdown pin on the ALFAT-USB

Please be specific, I have spend some time reviewing the links…

@ rockybooth - There is actually only one page to the schematic. The “Sheet: 1/2” is incorrect.

If you mean the WAKEUP/FLUSH pin, that is pin 14 on the F40 SoC. It is exposed on pin 9 on the F40 USB header.

@ JOhn - Thanks. On the schematic o the ALFAT-USB it is labeled as just “Wakeup” not “Wakeup/Flush”