ALFAT SoC Boot time

I am using ALFAT SoC
I want to perform a hardware reset
Does anyone know how long it will take to boot?

A couple milliseconds to boot and then about 50 to send the banner.

A must point that this is a discounted product.

let me interpret Gus-speak for you in case you don’t know it. He must point out that this is a discontinued product. Don’t base anything on it, you won’t be able to buy more of them, and there’s no longer any active development on them and those on the forum who remember them enough are pretty much all the troubleshooting you get…

I blame phone keyboards.

Yes phone spell checker :exploding_head:

let me interpret Brett-speak. Those that remember the device, and are still on the forum, are too old to remember the technical details.


Thank you very much
I learned a lot