Alfat sdr dimensions


I have downloaded the dimensional document for the ALFAT OEM board, but I do not see a dimension for the 18 pin header in relation to the edge of the card or the mounting holes. If I wanted to integrate this into a board of my own, those dimensions are necessary. Can someone point me in the right direction?

the SDR says “They even have the same footprint and mounting layout” when it talks about the S=DR compared to OEM. So sounds like you could use the OEM dimensions.

and by that I mean you could open the EAGLE files and then you’d see the as-manufactured info, because as you say the actual dimensions board does not say how far the header pins are situated from the reference line of either the board edge or the centre of the mounting holes. @ Jeff/@ GHI, might be a worthy doc revision

@ Brett

I have the files you spoke of, but I do not have EAGLE software. How would I go about opening the files?

Thanks for your help and quick response.


@ Bad Steve - You can get it for free,

Thanks Gary,

Did that and got the dimensions I need. If you guys aren’t busy, maybe someone could update the dimension drawing. Just so the next person doesn’t have to do so much work. Thanks and I appreciate all the help.


@ Bad Steve - I will add it to the list. I am glad you got it and if you need anything else let us know.