Alfat Migration

Good Morning,

After using the ALFAT-SDR Card on a project, we are thinking of migrating the circuit to one of our boards. I have a few questions regarding this process. I have read the owners manual and looked at the supplied schematic and I am wondering about the description of pin 57 in manual ver 2.14.

[quote]57 USB1_ULPI_D7 USB High-Speed PHY signal. Add a 10K resistor to VDD.
Only add 10K resistor if HS PHY is not used[/quote]

The SDR card has the 10K pullup (R4) but it also is using the HS PHY. Am I incorrect or is the data sheet incorrect?

Do you know of any other 'gotchas" when migrating from the board to our own circuit?

Also when I buy the ALFAT chip, will it come programmed with the operational code or just the bootloader code and we will have to update it with the operational code?

Thanks for your help.


You are right. I will check with the team and get back to you on this.

@ Bad Steve - The resistor is required. The manual will be updated, thanks.

Great thanks for that.
I also asked about the chip as bought standalone. Does it come programmed with operational code or just the bootloader code and we have the responsibility of loading the code in it? I would rather not have to set up my board for programming the chip if i do not have to.

Are there any other known idiosyncrasies to the schematic? I should be able to replicate it on a board of my own and get the circuit to work correct?

Thanks again


@ Bad Steve - The chips do come programmed with the ALFAT firmware. There are no known issues with the schematic.

Thanks again and have a great day.