ALFAT L and T Command issues

have sucessfully got the ALFAT doing most things over SPI bus.

ALFAT upgraded from 1.02 to 1.08 via the bootloader/UART

Having an issue with the L command.

I open a file for write on handle 0. and get !00
I send L 0>00A17FC0 (with CR terminator)

Alfat’s SPI_BUSY then goes high and stays high so I cant read back the !00 ACK.

Probably missing something really obvious, but I can’t see it yet!

Also, having issues with the T command. It always works with ‘T S’ for shared mode, but I need to use the battery backed RTC, so call ‘T B’. Sometimes this works, and sometimes there is no response at all, even after 10 seconds.

With all SPI comms, I am leaving approx 7uS between transmitted bytes.

Please Help!!


L: For Read frame, don’t need to check BUSY pin, just need to check available bytes.
T: make sure battery is good. Once call Initialize RTC in BK mode sucessful, should not call again except the power completely off (even VBAT ).