ALFAT.GHI version:1.08 problem

I am using ALFAT SD Board with latest version 1.08 and using serial port communicate with the board. I found out that whenever I issue command to read the SD, the board response with !00n!00n!00n to acknowledge the read command instead of just one !00n. Please investigate into this problem. Thanks.

@ Tum -

There is no R read command which response just one !00.

R command will rerturn

It doesn’t matter SD or USB

User Manual, page 28

I am using Arduino Due which have some kind of bug that after or before sending the URAT it send two NULL by which the ALFAT responds with !00n!00n. According to the manual there is nothing that say NULL command responde which actually ALFAT should discard the NULL command. Please correct this problem because this is also a bug in your ALFAT which should not give any response to the NULL command. I am urgently need to finalize my product but stuck upon this. Please help.
Thank you

@ Tum -

I do not think this is a bug. And you can catch it easily in case you have trouble with it.
This is a design that is going with us from version 0.0.1 to 1.0.8.